Afrobeat, with a wink at jazz, is international music and extends beyond the barriers of language and national borders; it makes you sweat and it makes you happy. The six BallaBalla musicians got to know each other in southern France, but come from the Ivory Coast, Cuba and Germany.

The focal point of their energetic compositions is the balafon, a West African instrument similar to the xylophone; its characteristic sound results from gourds, which serve as a sound box. The balafon is an instrument which is traditionally used as accompaniment by Griot poets, has however found its place in modern African music – and it’s precisely this instrument with its sparkling sound that BallaBalla uses in an energetic and clever way.

BallaBalla presents all of this in an unconventional instrumental formation. They confront the balafon with a two-man brass section, the sound of which is supported by the bass and drums. The result of this firework is topped off with virtuoso percussion sounds that provide for a Latin American flair.

What is especially exceptional about the group is the fact that music is the only language they use to communicate: the six musicians speak French, German and Spanish, but none of them speaks all three languages. Their music makes it possible to surmount the Babylonian confusion.

Brahima Diabaté – Balafon

One of the best balafonists in the world. In his Ivory Coast family the playing and constructing of this extraordinary instrument has been passed down over the years from one generation to the next. There is no end to the flow of his virtuoso playing. With his compositions he has laid a foundation for the driving force of the melodies and harmonies of the band.

Constantin E. Herzog – Bass

The skilled toolmaker who wanted to be a bass player. He surrounds the band with his fundamental bass sound and virtuous solos. As a highly demanded studio and live musician, he is native to the streets of Europe. Constantin studied E-bass and Double-bass in the Musikschule in Mannheim.

Garrelt Sieben – Trombone

Studied trombone at the music universities of Weimar and Mannheim, is in great demand as a musician and active in diverse bands throughout Europe. He became interested in jazz through his passion for big-band sounds. His unmistakable solos have had a formative influence on the sound style of BallaBalla.

Florian Schlechtriemen – Drums

Studied jazz drums at the music university of Mainz. With his unconventional band projects he has  been influential in the Indie scene for decades. His grooves provide BallaBalla with its constant and steady drive.

Janis Hug –Trumpet

Studied jazz trumpet at the music university of Mannheim. With his energetic style of playing he drives the band unremittingly forward. As head of the band he is indispensable.

Jonas Herpichböhm – Percussion

Studied Latin percussion at the music university of Mannheim. His passion for international music makes the multi-instrumentalist a musician who is very much in demand. In BallaBalla he combines the spirit of African grooves with the influence of Latin American music.



Constantin Herzog

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Garrelt Sieben

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